Welcome to The Harville Law Firm, LLC

Thank you for your interest in the Harville Law Firm, LLC.  I started the Harville Law Firm, LLC, because I wanted to help people who found themselves in need of legal representation.

For three years, I served in Brooklyn Family Court in New York City.  During this time, I worked alongside the NYPD, prosecuting juveniles who had been arrested for crimes ranging from shoplifting, to joy riding, to armed robbery.  During this time, I was challenged by criminal defense attorneys who vigorously defended their clients who had been charged with petty to horrendous crimes.

During this time, not only was I able to gain valuable experience in criminal law and trials, but also I learned how to assist clients from a variety of social and economic backgrounds.  More importantly, I learned the impact that facing criminal charges can have on an individual’s life.

This time serving the City of New York taught me how important it is for a criminal defense attorney to offer the competent and courteous legal representation that I strive to provide to each client.  This is exactly the criminal defense representation that I would seek to give you or your relative in all Louisiana state courts and in federal courts in the Middle and Western Districts of Louisiana and in the Eastern District of Texas, as well as in the United States Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals.

Please give me a call or e-mail me if you need help with a criminal investigation, defense at trial, appeals, or post-conviction relief.

When I returned to Shreveport, I worked for the largest large firm in Shreveport for over three years.  During this time, I had the opportunity to work for insurance companies, corporations, and cities, and I learned the value of having the assistance of an attorney for victims of slip-and-falls, car accidents, or other causes of personal injuries, including defective products and defective premises.

Over the almost 14 years that I have practiced as The Harville Law Firm, LLC, I have enjoyed helping ordinary people by using my experience defending companies, corporations, and cities.  Whether representing clients who have been denied social security disability benefits, those whose relatives died a wrongful death, or those who suffered life-altering injuries in slip-and-falls, trip-and-falls, car accidents, and other accidents or attacks, I have truly appreciated the thanks of clients whom I helped achieve justice and fair compensation.

Finally, if you feel that your civil rights have been violated, I would like to speak with you to see how I can assist you.  If  you feel that your employer discriminated against you because of your race, religion, or gender or sexually harassed you, I can help you file a complaint with the EEOC or file a suit in federal or state court.  I can help make that company, large or small, understand that you count and that your voice will be heard.

If you feel that you were falsely arrested or that the police used excessive force when arresting you, I can discuss how you may proceed, by filing a complaint with internal affairs or filing a suit in state or federal court.  When you are attempting to make a claim against a city, a parish, or a large police force, I can help make sure that your claims are taken seriously and that your voice will be heard.

I look forward to helping you and sharing my experience defending the civil rights of others who have been victimized by employers, police officers, or others.

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